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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Hireology by AlgoRepublic

Do You Know About  “Hireology” Everything You Need To Build Your Best Team Streamline and Centralize Your Hiring and Talent Management Source, Select and Verify Qualified Talent On-board New Hires Electronically, Without Error Centrally Manage Payroll, Benefits and Compliance Drive Hiring Efficiency and Profitability with Data Everything You Need To Source The Best Applicants Build ...
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ZAMCG’s By AlgoRepublic

Do You Know About  “HIV AND AIDS IN ZAMBIA” HIV AND AIDS IN ZAMBIA HIV/AIDS is considered the deadliest epidemic in the 21st century.It is transmitted through sex, intravenous drug use and mother-to-child transmission.Zambia is experiencing a generalized HIV/AIDS epidemic, with a national HIV prevalence rate of 17% among adults ages 15 to 49. Per ...
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