Sound Alert

Sound Alert

Sound Alert

Allow your smart device’s to be turned into High tech alerting devices with just the SoundALERT Application. By converting any type of sound from your environment, SoundALERT can notify you by the power of visuals and vibrations to ensure your safety, security, and comfort.
The application functions by picking up sounds using the smart devices microphone then notifying through on screen notifications, vibrations, and flashing lights on your smart device.


  • Wide range of detectable sounds – The application can pick up and notify you to many different types of sounds which revolve around your safety, security and comfort. These sounds can be found as:
    • Pre-installed within the application (Smoke alarms, and Carbon monoxide alarms)
    • Customizable to your specific sounds ( Doorbells, alarms, intercoms, and much more)
    • Compatible alert products such as Bellman and Geemarc products.
  • Internationally recognized – The application can be used anywhere in the world to pick up any type of smoke, carbon monoxide, heat and gas alarms as all these sounds are found pre-installed within the application.
  • Compatible with existing alert products – browse through a range of already existing products that the application is compatible with, to save you time training your sounds.
  • Works offline – works without needing to be connected to the WiFi or 3G
  • Smart notifications – experience a new and revolutionized notification and alert platform with simple and easily understood notification tool.

CATEGORY: Life Style, Android and Apple Apps

SKILLS: JAVA Android, Swift iOS

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October 4, 2018
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