Data Science

Algorepublic designs applications that utilize the latest technology and handles big data, changing the world with the latest technology.
Imagine that Big data requires an engine capable of handling the nature of both in-line searches and NoSQL data, and that is why traditional SQL based solutions make it difficult to store massive amounts of data across nodes with replication and failover.
Algorepublic develop efficient operating systems to manage all data replications and failover.
What is the role of the data scientist ?

There is no denying the fact that the “explosion of data” is happening. More and more data is being collected through mobile apps, fitness devices, social media and much more
Big Data refers not only to the volume, but also to the velocity and diversity of data, to handle this kind of data,

Algorepublic data scientists are able to explore data sets and have statistical and analytic skills as well as manipulate them by applying Transact-SQL and extracting insights from data.


  • Microsoft Azure HDInsight ,
  • Scala,
  • Spark,
  • Python etc