The DevOps Engineers at AlgoRepublic balance needs throughout the software development life cycle by applying processes, tools, and methodologies that can be deployed, maintained, and updated. DevOps teams at AlgoRepublic sit in between development and deployment, with the aim of reliably releasing updates.The goal is ultimately to remove barriers that hinder collaboration.
In order to accomplish this, DevOps team handle a wide array of responsibilities on a daily basis.
Project management:
DevOps engineers at AlgoRepublic monitor the project’s when, where, hows, and whos, ensuring everyone’s on the same page and aware of upcoming deadlines.
Designing and improving IT infrastructure:
We can help you improve IT infrastructure with our DevOps team to encourage collaboration and, ultimately, deliver your releases more quickly.
Testing and benchmarking performance:
DevOps engineers at AlgoRepublic are responsible for daily evaluations of system performance and reliability.
We build plugins optimized for your software team and automate tasks so that your software team’s burden is lessened. This is one of our main DevOps engineer’s major responsibilities.
In security-focused DevOps, or SecDevOps, best practices are followed to keep security at the center of all DevOps processes. These include automating key processes, scheduling releases, and designing infrastructure.