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Even a basic mobile app development process can be a very quick process and the same time a detailed one as well. In any case, the whole process involves a series of steps that make up the whole life cycle of the process. Here we have talked about the 5 main stages involved in the life cycle of a mobile app development process that helps to create an app that finally goes to the app store.

Mobile app development life cycle

These five main steps are the part of the life cycle that creates a functional app:

Inception or ideation

This is the first step of the development process. Here the main focus is mainly on creating an idea for an app that is not only unique but functional or bringing betterment to an existing idea. There are so many apps in the market, and an app doesn’t simply come into existence without a proper idea behind it.

You need to consider some important factors during this stage like:

Before you start to create your app, you need to make sure that you consider all considerations.

Mobile app design

Now that you have established all the theoretical factors related to your app, it’s time to create a user experience (UX). At this level, you will be creating a general layout that will exhibit how the app will appear to users and how they will interact with it. This stage involves two main steps of your app development process including the creation of user experience (UX) and once it is finalized, you will create the user interface (UI) based on that. 

While you are creating mockups for user experience make sure that you consider the guidelines for user interface related to both, the android platform and the iOS app development because both have varying guidelines for an app


This is the phase where all the actual work for the app really happens. Most resources of your app development process will be utilized here. At this stage, you will develop a fully functional prototype of your app that will be delivered to the app market. Initially, it just had the layout and design for the app, but now it will include the functionality and features as well.

Whether you are planning for a simple mobile app development process or hybrid app development, this phase involves two main steps after which the development stage can be completed and these are:

Front-end development: this part of the stage deals with how the app will be used by the user. It involves the programming of a flawless app for the user and the features they will be interacting with.

Back-end development: at the same time, there needs to be proper functioning of the programs happening at the part of the app that is not visible to the user but actually maintains that proper functioning of features for them.

Testing or quality assurance

This stage involves the testing of the app before it is actually launched into the mobile world. Once your app has been created, you need to make sure that it is bug-free and that the user will not have to encounter any problems while using it. For this, you need to thoroughly test all features of the app. If you do find any bug or issue that can encounter, immediately fix it 

Once you are done with the testing, 90% of the potential bugs or issues should be addressed and fixed. 

Release and maintenance

After thorough testing, if you are sure that your app is ready to reach its users, it’s time to launch it into the mobile world. The deployment of an app for the Apple app store and Android play stores differs and you have to make sure that the launching stage goes according to it.

You might think that now that the app has been launched, the work here is done. Not really! You have to constantly check for required maintenance, if any bug occurs fix it. If there’s any need for an updated feature, do the needful. Even with mobile app development outsourcing, you need to keep a check and balance for app maintenance. 

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