POC Development

Our Proof of Concept will follow a thorough procedure to create a successful proof of concept for a software product at Algorepublic.
Defining what the customer needs
The client’s requirements help us identify and select the right personnel to carry out the project, understand the nature of the project while at the same time, understand the capabilities of our employees.
Planning for the future
After analyzing the specific project requirements, the Developer team will devise detailed scenarios, outline a timeline and select appropriate staff to help pursue the project. With the client’s time and the Developers’ team’s effort, each stage of implementation is streamlined.
Realisation of the project
The project will be carried out in sixth stages based on the established plan to ensure effectiveness. The Design step will proceed more thoroughly after the implementation to analyse customer requirements again. Next, the product will be developed through Development, preliminary completion, and Testing. At this point, the Tester will carefully assess and find out any flaws in the product so that the Developers can correct it more efficiently.

After reaching stage five, a product is close to being completed and deployed, the development team conducts product testing operations with customers, then moves on to stage six – Review, listen to customer feedback, and edit products to please customers and make them more complete.
The Algorepublic product has been developed completely in line with the requirements and the spirit of our customers. In addition to delivering the product, we also provide general instructions on how to use it, along with necessary information to ensure smooth operation of the product.