Barkerz is a meet up/dating app for pet owners; connecting people on the basis of their mutual love of dogs. This platform integrates social networking and other services in one place to give pet lovers a place to connect and create a community of love, support, and care.

Some of the features of Barkerz:

• Create a dog owner profile for one or more dogs, post photos, and connect with the dogs and people in your area.

• Unlimited browsing of dogs and people around you!

• Chat with one person, or start a group chat with your friends.

• Connect to other pet owners in your area by creating and attending pet events and community meet-ups.

• Adjust your settings and meet more breeds you love and share pictures with your new friends!

Usually, when people meet the first time, they find it difficult to connect. When meeting someone through a mutual love of dogs, it gives you an organic and genuine connection. Barkerz is all about meeting and connecting with a community of dogs and the people who love them. We want to build a community of dog lovers around the world. Come join our family!

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Feel free to contact us. Please read the terms and policies of Barkerz, as well as the privacy policy carefully. All data is handled under the terms and policies of Barkerz privacy policy. More details can be found here:

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May 10, 2020