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Grow Loyalty Fast

RewardCamp makes it easy for your customers to earn and use their rewards. This ease gets your customers returning more often to place that next order.

Lost Customer Activation Wizard
Identify the customers who have not shopped in a while and get them spending again with our ‘Lost Customer Activation’ feature.

Monthly Growth Report

Receive monthly reports showing exactly how many orders and revenue you earned from loyal customers. Only rewards app that provides this level of transparency.

Our Results

We’ve tried several rewards programs over the years and always ended up abandoning them as they were inefficient, hard to manage, and had poor tracking functions so we really never knew if the program was working or not. Raheem and his team have created a wonderful product that solves all these issues and more. We receive a monthly report showing the number of orders placed that used reward credits and we see the total revenue from these orders. I like seeing these two numbers increase month after month!!

November 5, 2015

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